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  • At The Core

    Whether we enjoy a variety of physical activities or prefer to not be active at all, we can all benefit from focusing on keeping our core healthy. The "core" refers to the muscles from the chest to mid-thigh, on the front, side and back of the body. In this short series of classes we will use body-weight movements, weights (as appropriate) and other small implements to increase strength and mobility of the core muscles. Greater strength and mobility in the back, chest, abdominal and hip muscles can help us improve balance and stability to better navigate our daily, functional movements. Variations of the movements will be offered to support a variety of needs and interests. This course is available both for in-person participation or virtual on Zoom.
  • CreateMPLS STEM Program

    CreateMPLS is teaming up with the Northwest Suburban School District to bring hands-on STEM programming to students at Zanewood Community a STEAM school, Montrose Elementary School of Innovation and Brooklyn Center STEAM. Working together and problem-solving are two things we all find valuable in our classrooms. CreateMPLS will incorporate social-emotional learning concepts in their teaching while using LEGO curriculum, coding programs, and science and technology principles. We would be honored to have your student join us this summer for three weeks of building, coding and learning about robotics.
  • LEAP (2022-2023)

    LEAP offers participants extra academic and exciting enrichment opportunities to enhance their learning outside of the classroom. Students will participate in a wide variety of activities in such categories as arts, music, physical activity, STEM, leadership and more! Participants will receive snack and dinner daily. Registration is accepted on a first come first serve basis. This initiative is made possible with a grant from the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) using federal 21st Century Community Learning Centers funding. Neither, MDE nor the U.S. Department of Education endorses the program or its services.
  • Restorative Yoga

    Join us for live restorative yoga classes. Restorative yoga offers many benefits, such as increased circulation in the joints, healing the fascial tissue, increased flexibility and mobility, increased sense of relaxation and engagement of the parasympathetic nervous system. It is a great complement to more vigorous activities and can help to heal the body, calm the mind and increase mindfulness. Although not required, participants may want to have a blanket, firm pillow and/or yoga blocks or bolster with them. The props will help support the joints and limbs in the longer-held postures, allowing for greater relaxation and possibly healing benefits. Wear comfortable clothing. BCS campus, in the media center. Zoom link will be offered for those who would like to attend virtually.
  • STEP Fall Session 1

    STEP is an additional academic and enrichment opportunity to accelerate a student’s learning from outside the traditional classroom setting. STEP at Brooklyn Center Elementary STEAM focus on academics, technology, enrichment, and health and wellness. The STEP program offers a variety of alternative learning techniques and experiences to enhance the academic environment. The main goal of STEP is to give students the tools, techniques, strengths and confidence as a learner to be successful. Students are also able to explore and focus in areas of interest.
  • Slow Flow Asana Yoga

    Join us in-person or on Zoom for live asana yoga classes. Asana refers to the physical practice of movements and postures to help support physical and mental wellbeing and increase mindfulness. The classes are designed to be accessible and variations of each pose are offered to help make the class inclusive to multiple needs and interests. The classes will focus on breathing techniques to support the body and the mind, and attention to anatomical alignment, to increase strength and flexibility. Are you new to this practice? Come and discover this mind-body activity and enjoy the benefits to body, brain and soul. Experienced yogis will be offered variations to the poses and sequences to access what you need for that day. Wear comfortable clothing.
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    Get ready for some high-energy fun! Zumba is a high-energy and fun way to add movement to your week. Even if you have never tried Zumba, the movements and music are exciting. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. This course is available only for in-person participation, in the Brooklyn Center Elementary STEAM School gymnasium.